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Yet another platform for Microsoft the snatch up!


At a conference this week, Peggy Jonson from Microsoft revealed that they will create software for self-driving cars, as opposed to building them. “We won’t be building our own autonomous vehicle but we would like to enable autonomous vehicles and assisted driving as well,” said Johnson, who is the head of business development at Microsoft.

Last month, Google and Fiat Chrysler agreed that they will be making an autonomous vehicle together, with Google’s autonomous technology. It seems as though Microsoft wants to do something similar, with the development of software for cars. Microsoft is keen on making partners with different car manufacturers, so Microsoft can develop an operating system for the cars.

Harman, a car infotainment system developer, is integrating Microsoft Office 365 into their cars infotainment systems. They will bring the entire suite of Office products including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to the car for the first time ever. You’re sitting in the car for many, many minutes a day. Can that be part of your new office, can it be your new desk, a place where you actually get work done?” asked Johnson. “We believe it can.”

Microsoft has been developing systems for cars for a long time now. You might not know it, but some of the infotainment systems in your cars might actually be a version of Windows.


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