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Xbox is adding new ways to let you find people to game with


Microsoft has just added two new features for the Xbox beta app with the purpose of allowing gamers to meet new people to play with. These two new features are also available on the console Xbox, but only if you’re a Preview member. If you aren’t one, worry not, you’ll just have to wait until Microsoft releases them to the public.

The first new feature is “Clubs.” Clubs are basically groups created and managed by gamers that can help you meet new people. Clubs are like communities of similar gamers that love the same things. That makes it easier for them to have conversations. Clubs can either be public, private or hidden. The Clubs are easy to setup and use which means anybody will be able to create one without many problems.

Up next, we have the Looking For Group or LFG feature which allows you to find other players to help you complete a quest, get an achievement or just to play around. Looking for Group also allows you to create a “Want Ad” so that others could see your group and join you if they wish to. You can add tags to the group so that others know what kind of gamers you’re looking for.

Personally, I don’t think that the clubs are very useful. Sure, they allow you to talk to people with the same interests as you, but there are already many websites dedicated to doing this, it’s nice to have, but personally I will never use it. On the other hand, the Looking For Group idea is nice. It’s a lot more fun to game with somebody than alone. Maybe all your friends are offline or you’re bored of the ones that aren’t. Either way, it’s a good idea because you basically always have someone to game with.

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