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Will the 1080 Ti kick the Titan X off the market?


There are some speculations that the official specs will be released at CES 2017 where Jen-Hsun Huang the president and CEO of Nvidia is the first Keynote speaker at the event. And today a forum member at a website called OC3D posted a post of some “Leaked” specs and if these specs are the real thing the Titan X will have a heavy competitor.

The GPU will be supposedly using Nvidia’s GP102 GPU the exact same as the Titan X. As well the leak said that it will be rocking 52 streaming multiprocessor units, while the Titan X uses 56, it will have 3,328 CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture), once again not that far behind the Titan X at 3,584, this is also a huge upgrade from the regular 1080 wich only has 2,560. The Ti is being clocked at base speeds of 1,503MHz, while the Titan X’s base speeds are at 1,417, as well the Ti’s boost speeds are at 1,623MHz while the Titan X is only at 1,31 (A little bit more than the Ti’s base speed). This has a total compute power usage of 10.8 TFLOPS, while the Titan X has 11.

One of the things that the Ti couldn’t come close to though was the Titan X’s memory bandwidth, they are both using 12GB of GDDR5X on a 384-bit bus, but the Titan X has 480GB/s, the Ti only has 384GB/s. Although this may not seem like much against the Titan X it was a huge improvement over the regular 1080.

Personally, I think this was a great upgrade over the regular 1080, with several major upgrades like the memory bandwidth and the CUDA I think a lot is to come of this GPU. If the price is around the same range as the 1080 was I personally think the Ti will knock the Titan X off the market, but if it is close to the $1,000 I think people will go for the Titan X because of the fact that it still is a better card.







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