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What if you could disable a drone with your phone?


Grant Jordan is the Co-Founder of SkySafe but he is also a graduate of MIT and a 5-year veteran of the US Air Force. This gave a bunch of skills for this amazing project. “I worked on counter drone systems, and got a taste for everything out there. Giant laser systems, for example. I have seen them in person and they are amazing. But they don’t apply well to the civilian world” he said.

SkySafe was announced for public release yesterday and let me tell you it is quite the start-up. It can do many things it can find exactly where the person controlling the drone is, it can disable the drone, land it safely, or even “Hijack” the drone. This  is one of the best things I have seen in terms of drone protection. Not only will this app disable the drone but you can take control of it! This has many other key features such as letting you know if a drone is in your airspace and identifying exactly what type of drone it is.  Although this is a startup project they have still raised around $3 million in fundings!

But this is limited to commercial drones the reason is because military drones shift between frequency’s to disable this from happening in real situations. Along with this, many companies are saying that there are ways around this with drones that are on the market now. Some drones have the option to go in autonomous mode wich basically means that the drone does not emit any frequency’s which make it impossible for the app to connect to it.

The laws may be however changing. There have been many recent reports of close encounters with drones and passenger aircraft’s and many other things which causes concern for the government. A recent report isn’t helping either a drone may have crashed into a British Airways jet during landing. This isn’t stopping either things like this happen very often but not a severe as that.

For now, SkySafe is hoping to only be selling its product to companies that already have some control over their airspace such as prisons or airports. Jordan said that all they are is a huge add-on for other companies in this industry such as “Airmap is doing the trusted reporting, the backend piece. We are the front end, the enforcement.” he says.

Personally, I think this product ha true potential in this business. It is one of a kind and looks extremely easy to use especially the fact that is on a mobile device. I can see this product in air traffic control towers across the world.




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