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People are getting rides in Uber’s self-driving cars


Uber has worked on self-driving cars for a while now and they have recently started showing these cars to a selected group of customers. For now, two Uber employees will need to monitor the car from the inside so that nothing happens to the people testing them. Anyways, Uber’s idea for these cars is not only something that can assist you while driving (Like the Tesla Autopilot feature), but rather, a completely self-driving car, which can drive around on highways and streets to get you from point a to point b, by itself.

Uber took some pretty normal cars and added tons of cameras and sensors and programmedImage result for uber self driving cars them so that, with a push of a button, you could let the car drive for you. Uber’s cars have a spinning camera along with tons of other ones that make it see around itself, allowing it to navigate around the world and stop in case of danger. The car also uses a big map of speed limits that Uber has created to know how fast the car should be going. If the car enters and unmapped area, self-driving mode will deactivate and the driver will need to take control. The system isn’t perfect though, so you still have to look at the road to avoid dangers and take control yourself.

But as Uber improves on its system, they want to someday be able to have a fully automatic, self-driving car that you can order, get into and drive wherever you need to. Personally, I think that Uber’s idea is really nice and I hope that it doesn’t take long for it to become public. Also, I mentioned Tesla in the beginning and how so far, Uber’s self-driving mode is way better. This makes me think that Uber is creating some serious competition for Tesla and that we might see something new from it. I hope that either one of the companies will soon create a truly driverless car, and ever more than that, I hope that one day I could drive a driverless car.

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