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The iPhone 7 Lives Up To It’s Bad Expectations


Several days ago at the Apple’s iPhone 7 event Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 with its’ 2 models, the new Apple watch and the collaboration between Nintendo and Apple. This post will cover everything about the new iPhone models and the things Apple unveiled directly alongside it. The rest of the event was be covered in another post earlier today.

The new iPhone has no audio jack, we all saw this coming but we also all had the hope within us that maybe Apple would still include it instead of replacing it with an adapter that’s surprisingly included in the box and the Apple “Air Pods” that cost $159 and have wireless charging unlike the phone that they’re made for. The Apple Air Pods also won’t be included in the box and will have to be bought separately. Classic Apple. Although it’s quite sad that we have no more audio jack Apple did make space for a few interesting things, the stereo speakers, dual-lens camera on the plus, and the taptic engine in the home button. For me, one if the most interesting things that Apple showed off at the event was the redesigned home button. Now instead of there being a physical click there’s a dimple that will have different levels of feeling when you press harder so it knows when you mean to just tap it or press it, also the people that actually attended the event all say that they didn’t like the new home button because when it vibrated to indicate that you pushed the button it felt like the bottom part of the phone just kicked forward.

As per usual, we have a new processor in this iPhone, it’s Apples’ latest and greatest A10 Fusion chip, supposedly a quad core chip but really 2 dual core chips working side by side, turning on and off depending on how demanding the task at hand is. This CPU will also have way less power draw, although being faster Apple says that it will draw two-thirds of the power that the previous generation A9 chip. Apple also finally removed the base 16GB version of the phones while staying a the same starting price point of $649 USD for the iPhone 7 and $769 for the plus.

Cameras are an interesting topic with this generation since both models have different camera setups. The iPhone 7 has a single 12 megapixels camera from which the photos that Apple showed at the event looked stunning. The plus variant has two 12 megapixel cameras this time around, with one of them being a 1x wide-angle lens and the second one being a 2x zoom telephoto lens. The zoom lens allows optical zoom, the difference between the optical and digital zoom is that optical is real with moving parts, allowing the image to not change in quality when zoomed in. There are a few new features with the 2 lenses too. OIS (optical image stabilization) on both devices, RAW image capture, a sensor to eliminate rolling shutter from lights, a better color gamut, and a portrait feature that will give you more control to the depth of field with the 2 lenses on the plus that will roll out in the next update.

Overall this was another one of those “catching up” years for Apple, where they update most of the features and add a few new gimmicky ones that make the phone a bit more special. A way how to look at this iPhone is very similar to the way how many people looked at the HTC 10 earlier this year, nothing too groundbreaking or special, just an okay phone.


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