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The Blue Screen of Death is about to get super useful!


The infamous Blue Screen of Death that shows up whenever your computer seriously, seriously messes up is well-known to be just there and tell you absolutely nothing. That is, until now. The new Windows 10 update is bringing with it many interesting features, and they keep on coming, with the latest preview build have a QR Code on the BSOD telling you exactly what happened to your computer, and how to fix it.

Windows 10 is getting completely revamped with additions such as a Linux shell and compatibility with Android notifications. These features are going to revolutionize the way some people use Windows, especially developers. But even developers have had a hard time figuring out the Blue Screen of Death in the past, giving cryptic error messages that not even the person who wrote them can figure out. Windows 8 and 10 have improved on this by adding a much more user-friendly interface, but still giving a code that doesn’t seem to help. Now, it will both give you the error code, as well as a QR code, that using your phone, you can scan and go to the exact webpage that will give you a solution to your problem. Unfortunately, right now the QR code simply goes to a landing page that tells you how to deal with blue screens, and not your specific problem.

I’ll be honest, there might be some issues with adding a QR code while offline. If that QR code is put in while the computer is not connected to the internet, instead of actually downloading it, then in case the domain runs out, the QR code might link to a porn site, like what happened with Heinz in Germany in 2014. It is a good idea in theory, but in practice, it might lead to poor legacy support and a massive inconvenience to Microsoft when they let Windows 10 go.

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