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Sharing is caring with Google library sharing


Google announced it will be releasing a way to share your apps with family and friends called Google library sharing. It allows you to share paid apps with up to 6 people, it is a lot like the Apple family sharing. It is said to be enabled by default on July 2nd for everyone.

Not only will apps have this feature movies, and books will have the family sharing option too. It will have limits though only one person will be allowed to watch the Movie at a time.

They have not said how it will work, there have been speculations that it will be like the Google Play Music’s “Family Manager”. It is the exact same concept except now it is with Books, Movies, and apps.

I really like this idea I think this will come in handy for those who want to share  apps with family and friends that don’t want to pay for an app. But overall I think this was a very good move by google, although there already was a way to do this, I think it was good that google actually added it.

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