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Every so often, Apple hosts an event where they release info on new products. This time, they introduced 2 new products and several new features. I will be covering the Apple Watch and all the new features that were announced.

From what was said at the AImage result for apple watch series 2pple event yesterday, we know that the Apple Watch will go on sale the 16th, and preordering is open on the 9th. Prices will start slightly more expensive than the Apple Watch series 1 at a price of $369. Along with the release of the Apple Watch series 2, the price of the Apple Watch series 1 will go down to a starting price of $269, almost $100 cheaper than the price of the series 1 now. Along with the price drop, all the series 1 watches will now be equipped with the new, faster, and more powerful processors.

There are several new features in the watch. One of the most important and useful in my opinion is the fact that the watch is now water resistant for up to 50 meters! If you are wondering how they made this possible, Apple reinvented their speakers so they let water in but the vibration from the speakers push it back out. Along with the Image result for waterproof series 2 apple watchnew water resistance feature, the new watch now comes with a built-in GPS for the watch to track exactly how far you ran, walked, or biked in a certain amount of time. The new watch has a feature called activity rings it basically tracks how much of what you are doing, so it knows if you are walking if you are running or if you are doing a cartwheel. The amount of different movements you do will be tracked and used to compete with friends or you can even be coached. The last feature, and probably the most heard is the fact that you will be able to play Pokemon GO on the new Apple Watch. Although there were a few rumors about the topic, this came as a surprise to everyone, it may also explain the delay of Pokemon GO plus, the “watch” that Nintendo was releasing for the game. With the Apple Watch, the app will tell you how far you need to walk to get to the nearest Poke stop, how far you need to walk to hatch an egg, the amount of experience needed to level up. It will also tell you if a Pokemon appears, or if you have reached a poke stop without touching or as a matter of a fact looking at your phone. Almost all of the things previously listed are what the Pokemon GO plus is supposed to do, except it is not touchscreen, and doesn’t have the many other amazing features of the Apple Watch series 2.

Another thing that was talked about was a new app coming to IOS in December, and android sometime in the future called Super Mario Run. Super Mario Run is a game where you run as Mario, and have to jump over obstacles such as goombas, and pipes to complete the level. The game is free, but to continue playing after a certain amount of levels you will have to pay.



Overall I think a lot is to expect in the future with Apple announcing the Apple Watch series 2 with plenty of amazing features. The iPhone 7 and a Mario game on mobile something several people have been waiting for, for a while. I hope, and I think everyone else hopes everything is going to be as good, and hopefully even better than Apple said the new products will be.





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