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Hopefully GoPro’s new product hasn’t done anything bad


GoPro has finally made a release note for Karma. In case you didn’t know Karma is GoPro’s drone. It was first heard of at the 2015 code conference when a teaser was shown. It was also delayed earlier on this year, the reasons are unknown.

The Karma is at a pretty good price to0, releasing on October 23 for $799 without a camera, $999 for the drone with a Hero5 Session and $1,099 ($100 cheaper than the phantom 4) with the Hero5 Black. With any of the 3 options, the drone will come with a Controller. the Drone, A stabilizer and harness, a charger and battery, 6 propellers, the all-new KImage result for KArma goproarma Grip, a case, and a mounting ring. The drone is compatible with The Hero 5, The Hero 5 session, and the Hero 4 Black or Silver. Although the drone only has a battery time of 20 minutes before you have to go and charge it for another hour it is still amazing. Its compact design allows the drone is able to fold up and fit into a 21.3″ x 12.6″ x 5.9″ case, along with the controller, and Karma Grip. The drone is able to fly at speeds of up to 35MPH, altitudes of 14,500 feet, and a distance between you and the controller of 14,500 feet. One of the biggest things that I think most drone filming enthusiasts will be very happy about is the fact that the camera stabilizer will be upfront wich means that propellors will almost never be in the shot, unlike most other designs.

Image result for KArma controller
My favorite features of my favorite features are actually the controller. The controller has so many amazing features on it such as a touchscreen 5″ 720P display, it is designed for any circumstances you can use it in the sun and even with polarized glasses on. The controller has several features on it such as a flight simulator for first-time flyers, Maps, a Media option where you can see all of your videos  and pictures, and much more. But one of the most useful features is that you can change the setting of the drone on the go, so let’s say you were currently taking a 720P video and you wanted to switch to 4K, you can do that on the go with the push of a couple buttons.  There is a button for auto take off, where the drone will take off  and hover in place until you are ready to fly, along with auto take off it also has an auto landing option (back to home), where Karma will fly back to you and land in a pre-designated location.  The controller’s design is actually based off of video game controller, for a more compact and comfortable design. The controller is rechargeable, it takes 2.5 hours to charge and lasts for 4.

Another really cool but small feature is the new passenger app. This app allows users to connect to any Karma drone and change the camera angle and watch a beautiful scenery all live with this one app, and without you having to touch the controller.

Did you know the stabilizer comes off of the drone, well this is all because of the new Karma Grip that comes with every drone. Image result for karma gripThe Karma Grip works just like the stabilizer would work on the drone just in your hand, it rotates, it follows you it does everything. Not only that but the grip that you hold has buttons on it where you can Start and stop your recording, change the different type of camera modes, change the angle, highlight all the best moments of you video all from this one, 8″ x 1.7″ x 1.7″ grip that you hold in your hand. The battery lasts almost 2 hours so you can record all the footage you may need from your hands. By the way for all you GoPro enthusiasts who have bought every mount possible and are wondering if the grip will mount onto all of your mounts, the answer is yes to every single one of them, whether it be a head mount or a tube mount.

Personally, I think that this is going to be the best drone out there when it comes out. It is going to get Phantom 4 users going to an apple store trying to return their phantom so they can get the Karma, and still save a couple hundred bucks to spare! Personally, if I had the money I would get one of these over a phantom any day, and for every Youtuber that can spend the money and do spend the money on drones this will truly get them excited.




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