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Google and Chipotle are delivering burritos with drones


A few companies have already thought of using drones to deliver their packages to people. But this idea hasn’t been fully put into actions for many reasons. Aside from the legal and technological problems, the biggest reason that drones don’t deliver is that drones haven’t ever been tested for delivery and nobody is sure about what people’s reactions might be. This is why one of Alphabet’s companies, X, is testing drones for delivery.

X is a small company which is running a few projects like Google’s self-driving cars, and the one we will be talking about, Wings. Wing’s idea is to create autonomous aircrafts to deliver packages or emergency medicine. X is going to start testing these drones at Virginia Tech University. These drones will start off from a Chipotle food truck on campus and fly a few feet to give some burritos to a school official which will then pass them to some hungry students. This test will last a few days with the purpose of seeing how well the aircrafts perform on delivering the food and how well they will work at busy times compared to usual delivery. X is also hoping to learn how people will react to this method of delivery. “We want to learn how people feel when they’re receiving a package by air.” Says X chief Astro Teller.

This also isn’t the first time X has done this. In 2014 they delivered some items to farmers living in the Australian outback. From this, they learned how to improve their design to better deliver. With these experiments (and more to come) X will either create the perfect delivery system or fail and scrap this idea completely, either way, it’s very nice to see companies working on this technology, who knows… soon enough we might be getting everything delivered by drones, with less shipping time too. I guess we will find out soon! Here’s an idea, unmanned aircrafts transporting humans, wait, wouldn’t that be considered manned aircrafts?

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