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FACET News: We’re back and better than ever!


FACET News is finally back after summer vacation and we would like to first of all, apologize for the extended leave. We would like to also explain to you what changes we have made.

FACET News now has a Podcast!

That’s right! FACET News Podcast is available now at

On this podcast, Alan and I discuss the current state of tech every week for your enjoyment. They are recorded on Saturday and then published on the following Wednesday, unless you are a Patreon which is a good segue into our next point…


The reason that we’re making a Patreon, especially for an extremely small business, is because we are just two bloggers that are in high school and we want to write about tech, but as we all know, there are many expenses when it comes to making a website, and we hope that this Patreon will help cover some of those expenses.

Pledging any amount of money will certainly help us achieve a calm state of mind that we will be able to continue our news-blog for years to come.

Click here to go to our page.

And finally…

We’re expanding our reach!

What we mean by that, is we’re writing about more topics now. Gone are the days where we only talk about the latest phones and things like that. Gone are the days that while the biggest breakthrough in science is happening, we’re writing about a phone that no on will care about! Now we are including all types of technology in our repertoire. This means that, while we will continue to write about consumer technology, we are also going to write about major scientific discoveries, and what they might lead to, and so on and so forth.


Overall, this FACET News “reboot” is an exciting time for us, and we hope that you will enjoy what is to come from FACET News. Expect to see regular posting from here on out.


Thank you,

– The FACET News Team

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