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Everything you need to know about the two new PlayStations


You’ve probably already heard of the new PlayStation consoles coming out soon. That’s why I am going to be covering this topic pretty briefly while trying to explain as much as I can, so, let’s start! Today at an event in New York, Sony announced the new slimmer PS4 console which costs US $299 and will be released on September 15th almost everywhere. Although the specs are not yet known, Sony says it is almost identical to the original PS4 but with a brand new design that allows it to be noticeably smaller.

Sony also unveiled the PS4 Pro (Codenamed PS4 Neo), which will be coming out on November 10th for US $399. It will have a faster processor, better graphics card, and 4k support. It will come with a 1tb hard drive. With all these upgrades from the last model, the PS4 Pro meant for serious gamers willing to pay more so that they can get the best possible experience. And for those that will keep their old PS4s, Sony is planning to release a new firmware update that will make all PS4 devices HDR compatible, which means that they will be able to display better-looking images by brightening the dark parts of the screen and darkening all the bright ones. But, you will need a TV or monitor that supports HDR to use this feature. Also, the PS4 Pro will not be able to play 4k Blu-rays. Something that is pretty weird considering Sony’s engagement in Blu-ray since its beginning, and with the new Xbox One S playing Blu-Rays in 4k just fine, it seems like a weird thing for Sony to do.

Since the PS4 Pro will have a better CPU and GPU, upcoming games will be able to have better graphics on the PS4 Pro. But, since all the PS4 devices will have the same games available, better graphics is most likely going to be an option that you can turn on if you have a Pro console. Personally, I think that Sony is trying to upgrade its consoles so that people can get the maximum experience out of their 4K monitors while also getting a little better gaming experience in general. And It’s also nice to see them create a new, cheaper device for those that just want to play some games without spending too much money on a console.

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