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Chrome bids farewell to Windows XP and older versions of OS X


With the release of the 50th version of Google Chrome, Google will now close the door for support on Windows XP, Vista and old versions of OS X.

What does this mean?

A year ago, Microsoft reported that Windows XP still has 11% of the market share and is the 3rd most used desktop OS. Even after Microsoft themselves have dropped support for it. Plus, Chrome is still a widely used web browser for those 11%, That’s more than the people using Windows 8.1. People on Windows XP won’t get updates anymore, they won’t get new features or security updates either, there won’t even be bug fixes that they run into. They will just have to stick with the previous versions of Chrome, but eventually those version will die out and just not be a good web browser anymore, and then those people will have 2 options. First, They can upgrade to a newer version of Windows. or use Windows Internet Explorer, and let’s be honest, nobody wants to do that.

On the OS X side of things.

Any versions of OS X older than Mavericks are not in luck either, as Google is dropping support for all Macs still on Mountain Lion 10.8 and prior. These Macs are not going to be receiving Chrome 50 and will have the same terms as what’s happening to Windows XP and Vista.


This is actually a pretty big problem. A lot of people make different transactions online. Banking, buying things, sending money through a service like PayPal, etc. All these things go through the internet, and for that, you need a web browser. Chrome 50 got no less than 20 security updates which is a good thing. A lot of people that still use Windows XP are big companies, corporations, businesses, school districts, etc. Places that often have to do with a lot of money that is sent online. If it is sent through an insecure web browser, than it will be easier for people that shouldn’t be anywhere near that data to easily access it. This is a major issue that needs to be solved ASAP.


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