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Apple might be getting into the car industry


According to the Financial Times and The New York Times, Apple might be considering buying a British car company called McLaren. McLaren has denied any discussions with Apple. Either way, it might be a good idea to discuss why Apple would even want to do so in the first place, after all, Apple isn’t a car company.Image result for McLaren centre

McLaren is a pretty small car making company which is most famous for its Formula One racing team. They have also sold over 1,654 road cars in 2015. But McLaren does a lot more than just making cars. McLaren has over 5000 employees which work in one of the six different sections like marketing, automobile or race cars. They also have a sort of consulting division which has been growing with every investment they have made. McLaren Applied Technologies works with lots of different companies, some of which aren’t focused on automobiles. And since McLaren is one of the smallest carmaking industries in the world, an acquisition would be more acceptable.

But that isn’t it. McLaren not only works on ordinary cars and race cars, but electric cars too. The company’s P1 hypercar was a plug-in hybrid that could travel over six miles on just electric power. Even if McLaren is mostly focused on race cars, they have the knowledge and experience with quite different and more advanced projects, like a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, which is basically a battery-recharging system for the F1 cars. So, if Apple is planning a next-generation car, McLaren would seem like a good company to look into.

It’s even possible that McLaren would be able to operate their racing and automotive divisions even if Apple buys them out. Let’s take Beats for an example. After Apple acquired Beats, the company didn’t stop developing and selling its headphones. Beats still make headphones under their own brand, even if Apple wants to integrate Beats’ technology into its own products. To me, it seems like if Apple wanted to buy McLaren, they would do it. We just have to wait and see. Hopefully, if Apple does decide to make a futuristic car, they don’t remove its headphone jack.

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