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Apple just stepped up their “Bad Ideas” game


Rumors have been floating around about Apple thinking of discontinuing the MacBook Air, and maybe even the headphone jack on laptops. lately, we’ve been seeing certain surveys  from Apple that indicate that some of these predictions might be true, or at least that some of them.

For the last few days,  Apple has been sending out surveys to a lot of MacBook Pro users asking them if they use their headphone jacks and how they transfer photos from their cameras and phones to their MacBooks. There are a few suspicious things about these surveys, the first one being that the surveys were only sent to MacBook pro users and not Air users, this leads me to me to believe that Apple might actually be discontinuing the MacBook Air. This is quite sad to hear since the MacBook Air is the only Apple product I like.

The other strange and probably more obvious thing that is suspicious about this survey is how Apple is asking people about how much they use their headphone jacks, this is a huge surprise for me and probably everyone else. Although Apple has made some interesting design choices concerning the head phone jack recently *cough* *cough* iPhone 7 it’s mind boggling to hear Apple even beginning to consider removing it from a laptop, or even some models of their MacBooks. Even their heavily criticized 11-inch MacBook that was released last year had a headphone jack.

Another thing that seems strange about this is that there really doesn’t seem to be a reason for why Apple might want to do this. On the iPhone 7, Apple put new features in the place of the headphone jack, the taptic engine for the new home button, the water resistance, and the dual cameras on the plus, but  with a laptop there really doesn’t seem to be anything that you can add to a laptop that would require removing the headphone jack. Although there is the possibility of a touch-screen MacBook in the future, the removal of the headphone jack to make space for the touch screen sensor, I think it’s unlikely.

Ultimately we definitely need an update to all the Macs, but I’m worried as to what Apple will do with their laptop line concerning the headphone jack, and the existence of the MacBook Air.


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